Our values as a company are based on an underlying respect for nature and the environment - right from our ingredients through to the raw materials we use for our packaging.

The strength of our MotherSage and our Hempe products comes directly from the strength and effectiveness of CBD and other natural precious ingredients that are derived from plants. Plants are the most essential factor in creating our formulas - we use a large array of natural ingredients to bring you the combination of active ingredients that result in the best possible products.

We extract the benefits of each plant, without harming ecosystems, and always favour locally grown plants. Our CBD is harvested from an EU certified industrial hemp variety and the crop is replanted three times a year.

It goes without saying that we have never and would never harvest endangered plants and we follow international guidelines for environmental protection.


HIR is committed to using fewer resources, and creating less waste. We strive to always weigh up the environmental consequences of all of our actions, formulations work and processes with the ultimate goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

HIR is currently a small company with big ambitions for both of its brands MotherSage & Hempe. As we increase our sales and our footprint globally, we commit to undertaking a carbon assessment so we can fully understand our overall footprint and how we can reduce it in the future. Already it should be noted that the majority of our products come in aluminium tins and glass bottles.

Our goal is not only to respect our customers but to respect the planet that we all call home.